Save TIME and MONEY: My Experience on Choosing a Professional Removalist

When you consider the list of things that most people hate doing are consulting a dentist or dealing with a rodent infestation. No one likes doing it. They dread it, try not to think about it, and when the day comes, hope that things don’t get too bad and get through with it. But when you’re moving house, not thinking about it is not an option. In fact, as I realised when I moved, you need to constantly think about it, planning and organising the move to make sure everything goes as planned on the D-day.

One of the best decisions that my husband and I made while moving house was to enlist a moving company to help with the moving and transportation of our stuff. We started off by calling various removalists as to get price quotes. The following step was to narrow it down to one company based on their reviews and pricing. To keep the moving costs low, we booked the movers on a weekday as the prices were better during the week than on weekends. Next up, once we had packed most of our boxes, we requested the movers to send someone for a consult. The person who came over took a look at our things and gave us an estimate of how many people will be coming on moving day to help transfer the boxes and how big a van they will need to transport all the goods.

With all this done and out of the way, we felt a more confident about the move. And on the day of the move, the moving company sent four people to load the van and get the move going. Everything was smooth sailing after that. The boxes were quickly loaded onto the van—they had trolleys and ramps to do this efficiently—without any mishaps. They arrived at the destination in perfect condition as well. But to be honest, we weren’t overly worried about that part as the moving company offered insurance that covered the goods for any potential damage that occurred during transportation or storage.

Both my husband and I firmly believe that hiring the removalists had been a smart decision on our part. We’ve heard many sad stories of people hiring an amateur removalist and then having to deal with stolen goods, loss or damage to their valuables, and such. So there was no doubt in our minds that hiring a reputable moving company was the right thing to do. That, combined with our determination to keep the costs low (by moving on a weekday and comparing quotes to get the best price) meant that we had a smooth move without any untoward incidents, all while keeping it within our budget. If we ever have to move again, you can bet that we’ll be calling in the movers to take care of it and make our move a pleasant one.